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This is a public, open group for anyone to join, add events, upload documents and recommendations that are useful for Melanoma patients.

This is a wiki style group which will only become more useful as more people share and participate. Please join and participate!


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Hi, I'm Fiona C S.
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and am on Keytruda currently for my stage IV Melanoma. My arthritis is very unhappy but that is the only side effect I have so far from the immunotherapy. Will be addi...
  • Mon Oct 1, 2018 ·
I'm bcbcbc55, and I'm a survivor of Stage 3 Melanoma
  • Thu Nov 8, 2018 · Like2
Hi, I'm LAWRENCE L L with stage 4 melanoma
Ditto with side effects but with yervoy/opdiva combo-immunotherapy. I'm stage 4, lungs, and had only 2 out of the 4 standard initial infusions (due to side affects) but am still stable 2yrs later
  • Sun Jul 1, 2018 ·
Hi, I'm LAWRENCE L L with stage 4 melanoma
  • Sat Dec 23, 2017 · Like1
I'm RUTH M., and I'm a survivor of Stage 4 Melanoma
I also tried the Opdivo&Yervoy combo. I've been taking Mekinst & Tafinlar for about a year now. The first couple of months were difficult but I adjusted and now have very few side effects. It ha...
  • Mon Sep 4, 2017 ·
HI sorry, it is called Ipilimumab, It is a melanoma drug by Bristol, Myers Squibb.
  • Tue Jan 17, 2017 ·
Updated Oct 6, 2010
The Nurse On Call hotline provides answers about early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. You can call or e-mail your questions. Location: National Organization: Aim at Melanoma Fou... more
Updated Jan 11, 2010
The 30th Anniversary Skincancer Foundation Journal 2009 features articles on sun safety tips for sports enthusiasts and skin of color. Also " Ozone and UV : Where are we now ? " You can also test y... more
Updated Aug 4, 2009
The Melanoma Patients' Information Page (MPIP) is a noncommercial site founded to provide support and information to melanoma patients and those who care for them.
Uploaded Aug 3, 2009
The Melanoma Booklet from the National Cancer Institute which is a comprehensive review of what you need to know about Melanoma.